John Pace founded World-Class Events Management when he was 19 years old and led the company for over 25 years. Under John’s leadership, World-Class Events Management owned and produced over 20 sports and entertainment properties in conjunction with NFL and NBA franchises. World-Class Events Management became an industry leader in event marketing and product placement, generating millions of dollars in television and stadium advertising sales.

John’s community projects included serving as President of the Honda Capital City Classic and the Procter & Gamble Ohio Classic—two annual college football bowl games. Under John’s direction, the games raised more than $10 million for universities and institutions of higher learning. The Ohio State University’s Sports Management School conducted a study that found the Procter & Gamble Ohio Classic brought $15 million annually to Cincinnati’s economy. The Convention & Visitors Bureau of Greater Cleveland reported that World-Class Events Management brought $20 million to Northeast Ohio’s economy.

John organized the Development & Marketing Department at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Performing & Cultural Arts Complex (The King Arts Complex) in Ohio—at that time one of the largest arts institutions in the country. During his six years of service to The King Arts Complex, John increased corporate contributions by 400 percent. During that same period, he increased charitable contributions by 300 percent.

John served as marketing consultant to companies such as Anheuser Busch, Coors Brewing Company, Brown & Williamson Tobacco Company, RJR Nabisco, and Coca-Cola USA. In that capacity, he supported new brand marketing, served as an advisor for emerging markets, developed image campaigns, and served as a government liaison. John led community reinvestment initiatives that contributed more than $1.5 million to charitable organizations across the country.

John is an award-winning marketing specialist and event manager. He has received a number of awards for community service, including an “Article of Special Thanks” from President George W. Bush, and scores of proclamations from government officials across the country. John earned a Bachelor’s degree in marketing and management from Franklin University in Ohio. He currently lives in Bexley, Ohio.

In 2015 John formed a partnership with Amnesty International to launch My Sisters’ Keeper–a student movement that promotes men giving women unconditional respect.